Over these 25 years we have done a lot – we have successfully settled most of the biggest losses and have conducted numerous complicated expert examinations and complex engineering risk assessments. Though the sky is the limit to what our professional team can achieve, here are some greatest achievements of us.

  • 2021
    1,2 bn. RUB
    Losses due to the oil leak
    6,2 bn. RUB
    Dispute in Court re bridgework construction costs
    0,3 bn. USD
    Dispute in LCIA between American and the Russian designers
  • 2020
    1 bn. RUB
    Fire damage to Booster Compressor Unit at Power Plan
  • 2019
    3,6 bn. RUB
    Dispute in Court on the amount of lost profi
  • 2018
    2,3 bn. RUB
    Settlement of Trade Credit Insurance Loss
    0,1 bn. $
    Oxygen pipeline explosion at the Integrated Steel Works in Kazakhstan
  • 2017
    1,4 bn. RUB
    Damage to ski trails at the mountain resort in Sochi
    0,1 bn. €
    LCIA – Dispute on recovery of losses and penalties
  • 2016
    ~0,7 bn. RUB
    Loss due to decrease in copper production in Kazakhstan
  • 2015
    ~0,7 bn. RUB
    Damage to the HPP waterworks, machinery and power equipment in Tajikistan
  • 2014
    1,6 bn. RUB
    Damage to gas turbine and compressor
    96 bn. RUB
    CAR/EAR assessment in metro engineering
    16,7 bn. RUB
    WHSD – Construction pre-risk survey in terms of DSU
  • 2013
    ~1,1 bn. RUB
    Collapse of the roof in the pellet factory (PJSC Severny GOK, Ukraine)
    1,3 bn. RUB
    Breakage of GRES gas turbine
  • 2012
    1,4 bn. RUB
    Collapse of bridge over the Abakan River
  • 2011
    2,5 bn. RUB
    Fire at the meat-processing plant
  • 2009
    6,1 bn. RUB
    Breakage at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-electric power plan
  • 2008
    3,1 bn. RUB
    Fire at the Chagino power substation
  • 2007
    1,3 bn. RUB
    Fire at household appliances store
  • 2006
    2,5 bn. RUB
    Fire at the medicine storage site in Moscow
    0,9 bn. RUB
    Smelter explosion